Here are some examples of my playing, arranging and composition. I've arranged all of the audio here into Playing, Compositions and Arrangements. Obviously there is a lot of cross over, but I'll explain whats going on in each piece of audio.

Petty Hate Scene - Taxi

  • Teenage Junk Queen (flac) (ogg) (mp3)

Stacked It - Taxi

  • Stacked It (flac) (ogg) (mp3)
  • Love Me (flac) (ogg) (mp3)

Taxi Live - Taxi

  • Shopping Bags (flac) (ogg) (mp3)

Suzie McKenzie

  • Song

Feet Marked By Change

  • Black Sheep (flac) (ogg) (mp3)

Ministers Art Awards

  • 90 Second Overture (flac) (ogg) (mp3)

Heartless Land

  • Blood and Tears (flac) (ogg) (mp3)

Out in the Real World artwork

Out in the Real World

  • One Light On (flac) (ogg) (mp3)