Here's a list of links:

  • Independent Music Academy This is the music teaching company that I own and run.

  • Independent Music Products Where we sell Axe-Fx's and Atomic Amps as well as the rest of our carefully selected product range.

  • Fractal Audio Manufacturers of the Axe-Fx and Atomic Amps.

  • Christopher Melville Guitars Chris Melville manufactures absolutely amazing acoustic guitars. He also does repairs and setups of the highest quality. I trust no one else but Chris with my setups and repairs.

  • Kinman Guitar Electronics Chris Kinman makes the finest single coil pickups in the world bar none.

  • BJ Amplifiers John Ratajczyk has been repairing valve amplifiers for something like 33 years. His knowledge of valve amplifiers and how they work is encyclopedic. I've been using a pair of custom built Ratajczyk amplifiers for 8 years now and every day that I use them I'm impressed more and more by their tonal qualities and clarity.